Our Turnkey Solution

Traffic and Audiance Measurement
Use for facial analysis for people counting and audience measurement
for shelf, screen, kiosk, display, store window, poster or POS installation.

Key benefits the system recognizes the agegroup, the gender and the mood of your customers
dwell time, attention time and position of your customers are recorded
the engine can be easily to be connected to a digital signage system Plug & Play
Connect the camera sensor and the power supply to the ADS Audience Measurement and Analytics engine

Simple Configuration
Select the Ethernet or Wifi network, set your password and the location name

Access to Easy-to Use Backend
Have access to all your data through our dash board. Download of Excel sheets and charts
Hardware Specs
Data Capure Engine: Intel Processor N3150 quad-core 1.6GHz, up to 2.08GHz, Chipset Intel, Power supply AC Adapter DC 19V/40W, Silent, Passive cooling, Wifi 802.11ac, LAN 10/100/1000Mbps
Dimensions 127mm x 127mm x 57mm
* or equivalent model
Camera Sensor: image resolution up to 1280x960 with standard sensor, USB cable 5m
(optional sensor with resolution 1920x1080 available)

Software Specs
Operating System Windows 10, user interface browser using Wifi or LAN, multi-language user interface, generates reports on user request, data is stored on the local data caption engine, cloud service for multiple engines is available
High performance face analysis engine retrieving gender, agegroup, mood, dwelling time, attention time and position in respect to the sensor